Expert WordPress Developer

With over 6 years of experience with WordPress theme and plugin development, I can deliver high quality products in a fast turnaround.

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PSD to WordPress

You just provide the PSD  – or any other design file – and I will convert that into a working WordPress theme


Static HTML to WordPress

Have a nice looking site and want it to be WordPress driven? No problem! I can take your HTML site and make it happen


Custom themes and plugins

Whether you want to add an extra feature to your site, or give your site a different look, I got you covered!

Object Oriented Programming
When developing a plugin or theme, I use OOP so that the methods I write don’t conflict with those of an existing or future custom plugin in your site. By doing OOP I ensure my plugins and themes don’t break your site.
Error and warning free code
During development, my WordPress environment has debugging turned on all the time. This ensures I catch all PHP errors and warnings and fix them. You won’t have to worry about something in the background causing errors in your site.
Everything stays dynamic

If you want a WordPress site it means you don’t want static pages. This should be true also for the header, footer, sidebar, any other area in the site has to be dynamic. I avoid hardcoding text at all costs. If you want to change a text it’s very likely you will find a way to do so from the WordPress dashboard.

Clean, indented, commented code

It’s awful when you want another developer – or yourself – to modify a custom made code, and you find out the existing code is a complete mess. I make sure my code is understandable for another developer by writing clean code and commenting the important parts of it.

Naming conventions followed 100%

I always assign names for files, ids, classes and variables the WordPress way. This means my Javascript, PHP, CSS and HTML code is consistent with that used throughout WordPress, as well as my file names. If you were to upload my code to the WordPress repository, it would pass all code reviews.

Existing code stays untouched

It’s well known that modifying the WordPress core files is a terrible idea, because you would lose all your customizations when you do the first upgrade. I always find the best way to do what you need without modifying core files. The same happens with existing plugins.

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